OREGON FARM, Update #3

The 3D model above shows a view of the proposed 'Great Lawn' area looking Northeast towards the Barn.

This update reviews a SketchUp 3D model presentation I recently completed to illustrate and communicate the ‘Design Directives’ that are being proposed for the Farm. The final presentation was completed with the use of Photoshop and InDesign.

The presentation walks the client through the project and summarizes the design directives as they relate to-

-Identification of the building area; aerial view
-Inventory through photographs of existing views
-Master Plan that indicates the final building locations, circulation, existing and proposed utilities, tree planting plan, grading and drainage, and regulatory requirements.
-3D modeling scenes illustrating the overall proposed building area, elevations of the barn and architectural design, tree planting layout and specimen types, proposed building materials and furnishings.

You can view a summary of the presentation on my flicker account, choose the set titled ‘OREGON FARM, Update #3. View the slide show.

We are currently finalizing job contracts, budgets, scheduling, and awaiting the issue of building permits. In addition we continue to detail the interior design of the barn – lighting, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry and furnishings. We will be breaking ground soon!

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