Cornus, florida, Eastern Dogwood; Flowering in the garden.

Dogwoods (Cornus species) can add more to the full season of your garden than just about any other group of garden plants. Spring flowers, summer fruit and foliage, autumn fruit and leaf color, and winter bark and form.
Note: Spring 2013 blog header image is Cornus nuttalli, Pacific Dogwood or Western Dogwood.

Dogwoods can be planted as an understory to taller more dominant trees in the landscape. In nature they typically occur beneath Douglas Fir forest. When planting a Dogwood in your garden be sure to allow space for the plant to grow to its full size. Cornus florida, for example, typically grows 20 ft. to 30 ft. tall (Sometimes to 40′) and at maturity often wider than tall. Dogwoods are typically deciduous, but there are some evergreen species such as Cornus capitata and Cornus canadensis, Bunchberry – which is actually a blooming groundcover from 6 in. – 9 in. tall.

There are many species and varieties, and uses of Dogwoods; Trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Planting conditions vary depending on the climate zone your garden may be located. Check with your local nursery and ask them if they carry Dogwoods and what conditions might be required to assure that it thrives in your garden.


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