Winter 2012

MY FIRST POST – January 28, 2012

This blog will report not only regarding my professional endeavors, challenges and learning, but also my love for our natural environment. I will be posting a ‘featured post’ centered around the wonders of nature at the beginning of each season – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The images and discussions will center around my travels and interests, and I encourage you to comment and add your thoughts, photos and experiences. This post represents the first ‘featured post’ – WINTER 2012. These post will be located within the ‘ENVIRONMENTS’ category.

The photo is taken along the coast of Washington State within the Olympic National Park; the ‘Park’ is a World Heritage Site. These two deer have come down from the high country where the snow of Winter has intruded upon the meadows in which they graze. The deer appear perfectly content and at peace enjoying their solitude and view of the Pacific Ocean. It is wonderful to have a friend to share such moments.

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