What is Vine Maple?

Vine Maple is picture here below and within a Douglas Fir forest. In Autumn Vine Maple provides a most spectacular exhibit of fall colors.

The full name is Acer circinatum, Vine Maple.

Vine Maple leaves are pictured above in my blog Autumn header image.

Vine Maple is a species of Maple native from Southwest British Columbia to Northern California. Vine Maple grows within Pacific coastal forests and the forests of the Western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range. Vine Maple is typically a multi-stemmed large shrub. The stems are slender (Vine like) and smooth, and often green or red. The leaves are typical maple shape and light green. In nature, Vine Maple grows as an understory shrub or small tree; usually beneath or adjacent to Douglas Fir Trees (As seen in the photo to the left).

Vine Maple can be used within your garden as an understory to large trees or as a beautiful shrub. Allow at minimum a growing radius of 15′ and an equal height. Vine Maple prefer filtered sun to shade and a cool moist exposure. This exposure can be created if planting the Vine Maple under a large tree without direct South or Southwest exposure to the plant. Compost or leaf litter are the best fertilizers for Maples. Maples appreciate ground cover that approximates their native habitat. The following is a small list of plants that compliment Vine Maple:

-Rhododendron and Azalea
-Woodland annuals, perennials, and bulbs

Consult your local nursery to see if Vine Maple will thrive in your garden.

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