Proposed Solar Power Generating Facility Update

Aroundyou has been retained by Solar Farms, Inc. to provide master planning and project management services for a proposed 1MW solar generating facility. The power is to be connected to the Southern California Edison (SCE) grid under the CREST program. The proposed project is located in San Bernardino county, California, U.S.A.

Note: Additional project photos can be reviewed at my Flickr account ‘Solar Farms’ set.
Aroundyou has completed the initial preliminary planning, regulatory review, master plan and project budget. Completed documentation includes:

- Project compatibility with various environmental factors such the ‘Desert Tortoise’
- Zoning compatibility
- Flood plain review

Aroundyou has also completed a preliminary master plan of the development. The master plan has been used as the base plan by V & M Electrical Engineering to produced a preliminary single line diagram and electrical site plan.

The primary challenge with this project thus far has been the selection of a site that meets the physical requirements of the project, regulatory constraints and is located near a SCE sub-station that has available capacity for our project; if not a system upgrade may be required. In addition, several other projects may be in queue triggering the system upgrade even if our project does not. Obtaining advance information prior to submitting to SCE in regard to this situation is nearly impossible. This information is usually reviewed only after the project has been submitted and a completed interconnection application and scoping meeting have been attended. SCE and Federal regulations and rules slow this process to nearly a stand still, not to mention the expense to the developer and eventually the consumer.

The project has been reviewed (At the scoping meeting mentioned above) by the interconnection department at SCE and is currently in queue pending the initiation of a systems impact study by the project owner and SCE. Will keep you posted on any progress.

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