Blog Intent


This blog was established January 28, 2012 with the intention of sharing my professional expertise, knowledge, learning and experiences. It is my hope that those who read and subscribe to this blog will participate by submitting questions, comments, photos and their own experiences as they relate to the topic of a particular post and or project.

This blog will give the reader insight to the planning, design and construction process and what it takes to successfully complete a given task.

This blog is also intended to support and increase the visibility of the branding of my studio at AROUNDYOU, Incorporated. See

Trusted Resources

Along my journey I will be sharing with subscribers ‘Trusted Resources’. This will appear on the blog for subscribers only as a library of resources that have been retained for my clients to complete their projects. This library will contain the following information:

-Company name
-Contact information
-Brief description of services provided

It is my hope that this library of ‘Trusted Resources’ will be used by my subscribers and colleagues to better their projects. Below, as an example, are just a few of the many resource fields that will be represented in this library:

-Building Materials
-Interior Design
-Interior and Exterior Lighting
-Kitchen and Bath Materials
-Plant Materials and Garden Supplies
-Stone and Tile
-Swimming Pools
…..and many more

The Seasons

This blog will be organized around the four seasons of the year; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. At the beginning of each season a new header image will appear with a corresponding post (Which will be archived in the Environments category). This seasonal post will reflect my love of nature and my experiences.


This blog has six categories


As content is added to each category, sub-categories will be developed. Such as:

-Plant Materials
-Garden Furniture
-Indoor Plant Materials

Completed Projects

A sample of my completed projects can be seen on my web site at

Photo Albums

Detailed photo albums of the above content will be indexed on my Flickr account. You can access my Flickr account within the Blogroll at the bottom of each page.

Again, welcome. I look forward to sharing my experiences and receiving your comments and input.