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I recently started working with a client on a master plan and barn design for a 40 acre farm in Oregon. Note: Additional project photos can be viewed on my Flickr account ‘Oregon Farm’ set. Since I have previously worked with this client, on a home renovation project and a hillside pool design and construction project, I start this project with a good idea of their likes and dislikes, the manner in which they are comfortable working and their aesthetic sensibilities. This familiarity allowed us to go right to work at our first meeting.

At our first meeting the client explained their initial project program and required elements, which include:

1. develop a master plan of the Farm in two phases

2. PHASE ONE – estimated date of completion late Summer of 2012

- Access existing conditions; structures, utilities (Electrical, water/well, septic), soils, views, winds, exposures, regulatory requirements, approval and permit process
- New tree-lined driveway
- Location of new barn, architectural and interior design
- location and relocation of utilities
- Landscape design, tree plan, orchard and garden

3. PHASE TWO – future date of completion unknown

- Location of new single family farm-house; the client is considering a Lindal Cedar Home.
After the initial planning meeting I began to research and conceptualize the barn design to establish and aesthetic for the project. The inspiration that I came up with is pictured above in this article – The Alamo Cement House near Austin, Texas. Knowing the client helped in making this proposal to them quickly, of which they loved immediately. Regarding my design and planning process, I always like to present to a client, in some graphic form, photos, drawings/sketches and or videos as examples of what I have in my head so that the client and I can merge our expectations as closely as possible from the very beginning of the project.

The barn will serve two purposes. One, to provide agricultural storage and shop space for the working portion of the farm. Two, provide a family retreat for my clients family and friends. We are in the preliminary design stage looking at various programs and functions of the floor plan required by the client. We will begin in the next couple of weeks to develop the first floor plans and elevations, and begin to work with material specifications.

Currently we are finalizing the master plan to submit for an administrative review by the county planning department. Some of the elements under review are:

-Regulatory compliance
-Fire department requirements
-Septic location
-New electrical service
-Re-use of existing well and new water lines
-Landscaping and proposed phase one plantings (Trees)
-New driveway entrance requirements at the highway
-New driveway construction requirements
-View anaylsis and building location

After the submission to the planning department we will begin to develop the plans and budget for the site work and the new barn construction.

I will keep you posted.

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